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mytouristhome is a company that deals with the management of short-term rentals of Holiday Homes, Rooms and Bed & Breakfast accomodation in the Cinqueterre, La Spezia, Lerici, Portovenere and throughout the province of La Spezia .

The strong development of tourism in the area and the ongoing change in the needs of tourists who increasingly seek hospitality solutions rather than classic hotels have given rise to a real “boom” of short rentals.

mytouristhome was created to meet the needs of this “new economy”, offering all the services to apartment owners who want to rent taking advantage of the best potential and benefits of this solution.

A dedicated team will take over management of all the issues and tasks related to short rentals to give maximum profitability to the rent of the apartment, and allowing the owner to completely relax.

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Lorenzo – Guest reception and support

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WE MANAGE SHORT TERM RENTALS in La Spezia, Cinqueterre, Lerici , Portovenere and the whole province of La Spezia.

  1. channel manager
  2. inspection
  3. home staging
  4. professional photo shoots
  5. administration
  6. OTA (online travel agencies) management
  7. booking management
  8. welcoming guests
  9. availability and support 24/7
  10. cleaning and linen service
  11. maintenance service

channel manager


home staging

photo shoots


OTA management

booking management

welcoming guests

availability and support 24/7

cleaning and linen service

maintenance service


What are the advantages over traditional rentals?

1. Flexibility:

traditional rentals are long term, and during this long term commitment needs change and the owner may suddenly need the house, to live there or put it up for sale among other things.

With short-term rentals,however, you have the possibility of making money from the property, but at the same time you have the flexibility to stop the service at any time, at no cost.

The owner will be able to get his property back at any time, when he wants. The owner can keep control of his property from the point of view of maintenance, being able to enter it whenever there is a change of guest.

In the case of traditional rentals the owner is excluded for years and he may find unpleasant surprises at the end of the lease.

2. Security in payments :

in traditional rentals, the late payment of tenants is a very serious problem that affects a large number of apartment owners, with current laws giving few opportunities to enforce the right of ownership.

Short rentals on the other hand are paid in advance by guests.

A few days after the guest has checked out, or even the day after check-in, the owner will receive the transfer of rent directly to his bank account.

3. Higher rents:

The profitability of short-term rentals is higher than that of traditional rentals. mytouristhome will help the owner optimize his profitability with pricing policies, taking advantage of seasonality, events and visibility on the various OTA.

Can a private owner choose this solution to rent his apartment ?

What does ” short term rentals” mean?

It is possible, of course.

“Short term rentals” refers to leases that last less than 30 days.

A private owner can choose this solution as long as he follows the rules and requirements.

mytouristhome will help in this.

When are “short term rentals” worthwhile for the owners ?

Whoever owns a house in a place of tourist interest has a great opportunity. The demand for homes and apartments from travellers across the world is very high and growing.

What taxes shall I pay ?

As of June 1, 2017, a fixed 21% tax is applied. Taxes must be paid within June 30 of the following year.

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