the cargo shorts story

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My name is Alberto Valentini, and I graduated with honors in Economics at the University of Pisa.

After a managerial career as a company executive, always traveling around the world, in 2019 I had “an epiphany moment”. I resigned from my job and decided to become an entrepreneur by founding a property management company.

We specialize in vacation rentals as our core business, but we also manage condominiums and villas.

But let’s rewind a few years.

I was managing my own apartment in Lerici, “La Casa nel Golfo dei Poeti,” and I began to familiarize myself with the world of short-term rentals, regulations, rules,, Airbnb, Expedia, revenue, and all the secrets. After two or three years, I started thinking that I would have liked this to become my business. I could finally live at home and have the world come to me.

I said to myself:“Imagine being able to work in shorts instead of a suit and tie?”

It took an act of courage, and I had it in 2019.

Thus was born mytouristhome. The first step was the birth of the logo and its registration at the Patent and Trademark Office.

I started with two apartments, my own and a friend’s.

The rest is history.