tours with official guides from Regione Liguria

1The Gulf of La Spezia in the eyes of Napoleon Bonaparte.
The French military plans of the early 1800s shaped the destiny of La Spezia, making it an important military base up to day. Let’s see together how.
Meet your guide at 9:45 am for a walk through La Spezia city center, from the times of local Mata Hari, Countess of Castiglione, to present days.
At 11:00 am you will board the ferry to Portovenere, a magnificent Medieval stronghold, where you will reach in half an hour of a nice cruise enjoying the views on the Gulf, 
Duration: 3hrs. Fare: 170 € + boat ticket (15 € per person La Spezia – Portovenere return)

2. The true, ancient, face of Cinque Terre.
A tour among the vineyards of Manarola and the lemon groves of Monterosso, where the Ligurian farming and labour become art. 
Meet your guide at 10:00 am at La Spezia Centrale railway station and take the train to Manarola, where you will walk along the terraced vineyards overlooking the sea. Afterwards, you will take another train to Monterosso, where you will walk to reach the hill of Saint Christopher and the Capuchin monastery. From here, you will reach the old town of Monterosso walking through the lemon groves of the Buranco Valley. After saying goodbye to the guide, you can enjoy some time in Monterosso to breathe in the special atmosphere of this unique village.
Duration: 4hrs. Fare: 200 € + train ticket (8 euros per person)

3. City tour of La Spezia with your local guide

Meeting time upon request
La Spezia is the Italian city that has most dramatically changed in the 1800s, due to the construction of the Naval base. Your guide will walk with you to discover the great Art Nouveau and rationalist architectures and the historical stairways leading to the Medieval castle of Saint George, dominating the city and its Gulf.

Duration: 2 hrs. Fare: 120 €

4.  City tour of Portovenere with your local guide 

Meeting time upon request    

Portovenere is the symbol of the power of the maritime Republic of Genova: a fortressed village overlooking the sea where the military architectures and the churches of Saint Lawrence and Saint Peter blend in a unique landscape.
You will walk along the narrow streets, listening to the memories and living all impressions of a great medieval past, impressed in every stone. 

  Duration: 2 hrs. Fare: 120 €