chef service

Discover our personalized Dinner Service, where we bring a fine dining experience to your home. Choose from a tailored menu to craft a three or four-course meal, including an appetizer, the option between a single main course
or two separate courses (first and second), and a dessert to finish. Select your courses in advance from our diverse menu, designed to cater to your preferences.
This service isn’t just about enjoying a meal; it’s an engaging culinary event right in your kitchen, led by our expert chef. Perfect for special occasions or simply elevating a dinner at home, our service guarantees an exceptional
dining experience tailored to your taste

n° of guestsprice per guest
(3 courses menu)
price per guest
(4 courses menu)
2 to 4
€ 175,00€ 230,00
5 to 6€ 155,00€ 210,00
7 to 8€ 140,00€ 185,00
9 to 10€ 130,00€ 170,00